Deep Change 2019 - Creative Action for Social Transformation

Conference Overview

Poetry, theatre and song have long been the cornerstones of social activism and revolution, without which human efforts for social change could not take root in the hearts and minds which make up the movement. To support our current urgent need for sweeping systemic change, Deep Change 2019 will offer participants inspiration, tools, and a context for collective creation that can be directly implemented in the social actions in the future. 

Participants are asked to pre-register for one of seven hands-on workshop tracks, in which they will, under the guidance of some of our region’s most powerful creative change-makers, create elements that will be shared with the conference attendees later that evening and that will hopefully be seeds of future social action.  

Where it will go from there, heaven only knows. 

The Conference will be co-moderated by Alixa Garcia and Naima Penniman of Climbing Poetree who will lead an opening exercise involving the whole group, lead a workshop and help facilitate the closing ceremony/conference share. 

Workshop Tracks:

Jarvis Green - Theatre of the Oppressed

Emily Laxner, Aro Veno and Ragnii Eddins - Harmony of the Hive - Youth Poetry, Song, and Theater Workshop (All Ages)

Pati Hernandez - The Practice of Bombardment and the Talking Wall

Alixa Garcia and Naima Penniman - Planting PoeTree - A Multi-Sensory Writing Workshop

Bread and Puppet - Conatastoria Workshop

Erok Gillard - Instigate Beauty

Presenters TBA - Sing Out Justice - Writing and Leading Songs for Change