Harmony of the Hive - Youth Poetry, Song, and Theater Workshop (All Ages)

“Harmony of the Hive” follows the theme of pollinator protection, “sharing the hive” as we work together for a safer future. Workshop day will include age-appropriate videos about current threats facing bees and other pollinators, discussion to engage interest and passion for the cause of pollinator protection, and break-out groups where participants create poetry and theater pieces that imagine the messages bees are telling us about their survival challenges in our world today. Our evening presentation will include poetry and theater performance, as well as sing-along-music about protecting bees, birds, bats, and butterflies. Presented by members of Honeybee Steelband and Swarm, an activist group dedicated to pollinator protection. All Ages (kids under age 4 or with intensive needs should be accompanied by an adult). Bee costumes and antennas provided; anyone with other pollinator (bird, butterfly, bat) costume parts are encouraged to bring these; all participants should try to wear black pants or leggings.



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Arts educator and steelpan performer, Emily Lanxner has for many years created interactive events that challenge the usual barriers between performers and audience. Since 2007, she has expanded her work to combine creative pursuits with social and environmental justice project leadership. Often integrating visual arts with music instruction, she has designed and led a community mural project, a “Painting for Peace” day, and more recently has used her music group Honeybee Steelband as a platform for promoting legislation to protect bees and other pollinators. 



Aro Veno has dedicated her life to music and social change. She has composed and performed dozens of topical songs at rallies, marches, and other social justice gatherings. Recently, as a founding member of the "Mobilization for Pollinator Survival", an activist group based in Hardwick VT, she helped create numerous events, preparing educational materials as well as contributing her artistic vision, song-writing, and theatrical skills. Additionally, she manages road logistics, carpentry projects, and myriad other details to assist Honeybee Steelband productions. 



Engaging diverse audiences for over twenty years, poet Rajnii Eddins was the youngest member of the African American Writers Alliance at age 11, moving on to perform in bookshops, cafes, festivals, colleges and galleries in Seattle. Rajnii is adept at engaging and inspiring young people to create their own pieces, as well further their love for wordplay and literacy. He now directs the Young Writers Project in Burlington, overseeing YWP's “Sound Check”, “Voices for Change” and numerous live events.